Circle of Excellence Recipients

Since 2016, the Circle of Excellence awards have recognized and highlighted GLS employees who have made a significant contribution to the company and go above and beyond for our customers. Our 2019 winners and their guests were welcomed in sunny Florida to celebrate their achievement. In this Q&A series, we highlight some of their experiences.

Eric Brady

From working as a Sorter in 2015, to Lead Hand in 2016, to Supervisor in 2017, and finally being promoted to Operations Manager in 2019 for the Hamilton terminal, Eric Brady has climbed the ranks here at GLS and he is not slowing down. He is an integral part of the team.

"I would like to thank everyone that nominated me this year to make this happen! I am truly grateful!"

In your opinion, what do you think contributes to your success at GLS?
My peers, they are always willing to listen and assist in any way possible. My Regional Manager, Nic, who is always challenging me, which only furthers my knowledge about managing a terminal. My team in Hamilton has also been a massive contribution to my success.

What makes you proud to work for GLS?
Being able to provide excellent service to our customers and getting their products to them on time, while also assisting with the more challenging special requests. Each day is different and brings a new set of challenges. I take great pride in helping others and watching my team conquer each day with team work.

Describe your Circle of Excellence experience in 3 words:
Rewarding, surreal, FUN!!!

Are you excited to work under the GLS brand? Why.
I will miss the GLS name, but I am very excited to see what the future holds under GLS. We have seen so many crucial and important changes in such a short time, it is nice to know we are working for a company that cares about our success.

Martin Woodward

Martin began working at GLS in 2009 as a linehaul driver for the GoJit division after being persuaded by a friend to join the company. After only a few months, Martin decided that GLS was the perfect place of work for him and has stuck with the company as GLS has undergone many changes over the years.

"The people I work with believe in me the way I believe in them, the company sees us and values our contribution, COE makes you realize that after being in the workforce for 43 years it is still terrific to feel this way about your work!"

In your opinion, what do you think contributes to your success at GLS?
I work with terrific people, managers, dispatchers, mechanics, as well as the great guys on the dock. I show up for work on all my scheduled days and act like the professional that my licence says that I am. I try to extend courtesy to everyone I work with, be it in the yard or on the road.

What makes you proud to work for GLS?
I am proud that we have turned a corner, that things seem better even when it is slow to see change. I feel good at the start of my shift, happy to come to work and satisfied at the end of my shift when a good day’s work is complete. You really can’t ask for more than that – feeling satisfied keeps you motivated and feeling positive.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy renovating. I can hang and mud drywall, do electrical work and plumbing, I also enjoy painting. I like the challenge of the project and the satisfaction of completing it. I enjoy new movies and old, I built a small cinema in my basement, there’s nothing better on a Saturday night then a good movie!

Are you excited to work under the GLS brand? Why.
The fact that GLS is looking to grow the company and investing in our future makes me feel good about my work. GLS is the best thing that has happened since I’ve been here and I am happy to say GLS is where I will be until my retirement!

Mondira Dhar

Mondira joined GLS as an IT Business Analyst upon graduating from University. She began by working on small projects within the IT department and progressed to larger projects with multiple stakeholders from across the organization. This allowed Mondira to apply what she had learnt in school while furthering her knowledge and understanding with GLS. She has become an incredible asset to the company!

"GLS has helped me improve myself and my skills!"

What makes you proud to work for GLS?
Working in the transportation industry is new to me. Initially, I thought I would have a difficult time familiarizing myself with GLS and the industry. However, my amazing team really helped me. My managers and supervisors provide help whenever needed and they are always available to answer my questions. My colleagues helped me adjust to the department as they encourage learning on the job. They allowed me to become more open to receiving and providing feedback. I was given the opportunity to work on new and interesting projects from the beginning.

What was the highlight of your 2019 Circle of Excellence experience?
The moment when Rick spoke about me and presented the video, that some of my favorite people at work made for me, was probably the best moment of this amazing trip! Having such wonderful colleagues shows that my work never goes unnoticed. It’s because of them that I even received this award in the first place and I’ll always be grateful because of it.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I like to stay in touch with my roots and my culture and I get to do that through Indian dancing. I love music and I enjoy playing the piano. I have a passion for public speaking and I get the opportunity to host cultural shows. Overall, I’m a creative arts enthusiast! From dancing, to music, to hosting - I’ve always put myself out there.

Are you excited to work under the GLS brand? Why.
GLS is a well-known brand in Europe and the fact that they’ve taken an interest in our company to help us grow, not only nationally, but internationally is huge for GLS. We’ve already seen a lot of positive changes within the company ever since GLS’ involvement. There is a lot more to come!

Suzanne Horley

Since September 2010, Suzanne happily greets everyone who enters GLS’s call center in Montreal. As the receptionist for this office, she is responsible for many tasks and continues to take on a variety of work to ensure the success of the company. She is the definition of excellent customer service and her positive energy keeps everyone around her smiling!

"I am proud to work for GLS because of the respect and recognition that the company shows their employees!"

What do you enjoy the most about your job each day?
I enjoy helping clients when they are frustrated by finding a solution for them. Knowing the client is satisfied by the time we end the call is what Customer Service is all about. This makes me feel good!

In your opinion, what do you think contributes to your success at GLS?
A good working environment and team work!

What was the highlight of your 2019 Circle of Excellence experience?
Knowing that my contribution to the company is appreciated by so many people. I enjoyed meeting my colleagues that I talk to everyday. Now, I can put a face to their voice!

Are you excited to work under the GLS brand? Why.
Absolutely! I am excited to see the company grow and prosper and to be a part of all of it.