Drivers Highlights

GLS drivers and independent contractors know how to combine a great customer experience with a sense of mastery on the road. Here are wonderful examples of some our most faithful drivers and independent contractors:

Doug Atkinson
Doug Atkinson
P&D Driver

Since August 2008, Doug has been going above and beyond to assist the Cambridge operation. Doug will be retiring at the end of 2019, having had him as part of the GLS team for all these years has truly made us all better!

Doug is a model employee with an amazing outlook and presence. Doug displays exceptional attention to detail, safety, and demonstrates exemplary professionalism. Customers regularly call the terminal to tell us how fantastic Doug is, which is never a surprise!

Durjit Dhillon
Gurinderjit (Durjit) Dhillon
Freight Driver

“The people here are friendly and caring, any issues big or small they are always behind me. This is the place I was looking for, GLS is my long term plan now.”

Durjit is always in uniform, never calls in sick, and he’s the go-to-guy for onboarding new Linehaul drivers. He is always willing to help and will go above and beyond for those around him!