Why join the Dicom Team?

At Dicom, the wellbeing and motivation of our employees are a priority. Our approach places value on independence, initiative, and teamwork with concrete measures in place to promote collaboration:

Environment Leading to Advancements

We support our employees by offering a career progression in line with their goals while focusing on their talents. We invite you to discover some of our most inspirational employees.

We are Dicom

Stimulating Work Environment

Being part of the Dicom team means that you will be integrated into a dynamic, growing group of individuals with great working conditions. Our eco-friendly head office, which is LEED certified, is only one example of the work environment Dicom offers. To take a virtual tour of our office.



We are committed to recognizing outstanding work by our employees with programs, like the Circle of Excellence, where recipients were welcomed at the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego this year to celebrate their amazing contributions to the company.

Circle of Excellence

Modular Group Insurance

Our group insurance plans allow our employees to choose a suitable coverage amongst different options according to their budget and desired protection.

RRSP with Employer Participation

In an effort to help employees prepare for their future, Dicom offers all employees a collective RRSP program with the employers participation.

Flexible Schedules

Work/life balance is at the heart of our organization, this is why we offer flexible work schedules with the possibility of working outside of the office, when the position permits.