Our Story

Dicom continues to evolve as a company since its humble beginnings in 1968 in Quebec, to its acquisition in 2018 by General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS), part of Royal Mail Group, in Europe. For more than 50 years, our values remain at the heart of our organization and are reflected in all that we do for our employees, partners and customers. The Dicom family will always define our culture, our family is simply getting bigger!

We are now GLS – We Deliver!


Dicom Express is founded in Quebec as a same-day, on-demand messenger business.


Dicom Express starts to leverage its network to begin servicing commercial customers.


The founding of German Parcel (German franchise system) takes place in Germany.


Dicom Express expands the network into Ontario and GoJIT is introduced to provide expedited LTL services for commercial customers.


Royal Mail Group acquires German Parcel and General Logistics Systems (GLS) is founded.


Dicom Express and GoJIT are acquired by private equity to establish Dicom Transportation Group offering a full suite of transportation services for parcel, freight and logistics.


Dicom introduces cross-border services.


On August 30, 2018, Dicom is acquired by General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS), a subsidiary of Royal Mail.


Dicom begins delivering international parcel shipments from the United Kingdom into Canada.


The first GLS parcel van hits the road in Canada.


The first GLS trailers are added to the network across Ontario and Quebec.


The GLS networks continue to expand and integrate. International services will begin from Canada to 41 countries worldwide!