The Dicom Spirit

At Dicom, social responsibility and continuous improvement are top priorities. Here are a few examples:

Ecofriendly headquarters

The Dicom group is a responsible leader in the transportation sector, as can be seen from our LEED-certified headquarters. Take a virtual tour of our offices on your smart phone or tablet:

Our goal with this interactive tour is to share our vision of smart, sustainable development with you.

Support for community initiatives

Dicom is proud to support work in the community. A prime example of this was the project organized by two independent contractors, Solomon Ghansah and Daniel Forson, to distribute supplies to five African orphanages. After gathering and planning the shipment of over 20 pallets with Dicom items (clothing, office supplies, etc.), Solomon and Daniel left for Ghana to deliver the supplies to the orphanages.

Employee programs

At Dicom, we’re committed to recognizing our employees for their outstanding work. We’re always coming up with ways to improve our working conditions, which is why we’ve introduced a number of different programs to help employees maintain a good work-life balance and to recognize them for their outstanding work, such as the Circle of Excellence program. We plan to keep improving these programs and create new ones.

Get a closer look at some of our Circle of Excellence recipients.